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How are all kinds of assembly line equipment produced

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  Lean pipe line, belt line and so on are our common pipeline types. It plays a different role in the production and operation of enterprises. Of course, the product itself also has different characteristics, in material selection, structural design, production process, are a complex process, of course, it is because of these differences that they have different uses. Do you know how these assembly lines are made? What are the differences in the production process?
  The following through examples, to comparative analysis of it.
  1. Production process steps of belt assembly line
  Belt assembly line, a new type of assembly line. It can transport a variety of materials, not only can transport all kinds of bulk materials, but also can transport a variety of cartons, bags and other light weight products, but also can be used for the delivery of goods at the cash register of large supermarkets. It is widely used because of its effectiveness. However, the assembly line is also prone to deviation fault, so attention should be paid to its installation and maintenance. The production process of the belt assembly line equipment is relatively simple compared with the automatic special machine and other products, small braiding belt you can simply understand the production process of the belt assembly line. The whole production process of belt assembly line can be divided into six steps
  1. The first is the production of belt assembly line conveyor frame: the conveyor frame is made of aluminum profiles. Engineers first design the process drawings of the belt assembly line according to customer requirements, and the production personnel assemble according to the drawings.
  2. Installation of roller: both ends of conveying surface of belt assembly line are installed with rollers, which is convenient for circulation operation of conveying line. After the drum is installed, the belt conveyor line can be installed on the conveyor frame.
  3. Foot cup installation: foot cup is installed at the bottom of the conveyor frame of the belt assembly line to prevent the bottom from abrasion after friction. At the same time, the height of the whole belt conveyor line can be properly adjusted through the foot cup to meet the production needs.
  4. Installation of adjusting screw: adjusting screw is installed at the bottom of both ends of the frame of the conveying line to adjust the conveying slope of the conveying line.
  5. Installation of electric control box and Governor: the conveying speed of the belt assembly line can be adjusted according to the production needs, which requires the installation of a governor on the conveyor rack. The position of the governor is close to the electric control box to facilitate the connection circuit between the two.
  6. Packaging: after the production and installation of the above five processes, a belt assembly line with adjustable conveying slope is finished, and then the equipment is packaged with packaging materials
  2. Production process of painting line
  1、 Attention should be paid to the installation and hanging of coated objects on the painting line. In order to ensure that the workpiece is in the best position during dip coating, the hanging mode of hanger and objects on the painting line is designed in advance by trial immersion. The maximum plane of the coating should be close to vertical, and the other planes should be at an angle of 10 ° to 40 ° with the horizontal, so that the remaining paint can flow out smoothly on the coating surface.
  2、 In order to prevent the diffusion of solvent in the workshop and dust falling into the paint tank when painting on the painting line, the paint dipping tank should be protected.
  3、 After large objects are dipped in the coating line, they should be sent to the drying room after the solvent is basically volatilized.
  4、 Pay attention to the measurement of coating viscosity during coating, and measure the viscosity 1-2 times per shift. If the viscosity increases more than 10% of the original viscosity, the solvent should be added in time. When adding solvent, dip coating should be stopped. After mixing evenly, determine the viscosity, and then continue the operation.
  5、 The thickness of the paint film mainly depends on the speed of the object lifting on the painting line and the viscosity of the paint liquid. After controlling the viscosity of the paint solution according to the above requirements, the painting line should follow the maximum speed limit of about 30um, and determine the appropriate lifting rate according to different equipment. Lift the coated object evenly at this rate. The results show that the coating film is thin and the lifting rate is fast, and the paint film is thick and uneven.
  6、 When dip coating is carried out on the coating line, sometimes the thickness difference of the coating film between the upper and lower parts is caused, especially the accumulation of thickening at the lower edge of the coating. In order to improve the decoration of the coating, the residual paint drops can be removed manually by brush or centrifugal force or electrostatic force equipment.
  7、 When dipping and coating wooden parts on the painting line, pay attention not to take too long, so as to avoid the wood inhaling excessive paint, resulting in slow drying and waste.
  8、 Strengthen ventilation equipment to prevent the harm of solvent vapor; pay attention to the arrangement of fire prevention treatment and regular inspection of painting  line.
  3. Production process of lean pipe line
  Lean pipe assembly line is mainly to adapt to the current market orders of multiple varieties, small batch, production line change frequently, flexible production line flexibility, building block type combination structure, can adapt to the product variant process in the shortest time, so that production can be restored in time. Products are widely used in automobile industry, electronic manufacturing industry, communication industry, bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, military industry, various chemical industry, precision hardware and other diversified production links.
  Purpose: small batch production of electronic products can be arbitrarily combined according to different processes to change the operation process.
  Material: (ordinary or anti-static) pipe is made of high-quality steel pipe after surface treatment, the outer surface is made of thermoplastic adhesive special plastic layer, and the inner surface is covered with anti-corrosion coating. The product has the advantages of beautiful appearance, bright color, wear resistance, anti-corrosion and no pollution. It is an ideal substitute for stainless steel products. It can be assembled into various types by using combination joint and special accessories

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