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Technical requirements for automatic spraying equipment

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  The coating quality request of each commodity is different. So what are the customer's requests for the coating quality and appearance of the automatic spraying equipment? The following is the introduction of the main degree of appearance of different grades or areas of the finished products of regular spraying parts for reference only.
  1. Adhesion request
  On the surface of the spraying layer, use a sharp blade to scratch the square grid with the row spacing and row spacing of 1 mm, a total of 10 lines and 10 columns, cut the spraying layer, and then paste it on the surface with 3M adhesive tape, and pull it straight and quickly once, and the spraying layer shall not fall.
  2. Inspection of coating thickness
  If there is special request for spraying parts, it shall be performed according to the drawing;
  The thickness of spray coating is 55 μ M-120 μ m without special rules.
  3. Anti rust test
  Neutral salt spray test (NSS test) was used. The test conditions were: 5% sodium chloride solution, pH value (6-7), temperature 35 ℃, salt spray sedimentation rate 1-2ml / 80cm · H. 24 hours during the test. There are no corrosion marks on the outside and inside of the workpiece.
  4. Hardness test of spray coating
  HB pencil for injection (2H for powder spraying) does not cut sharp. It is usually written on the surface with a degree of hand written about 45 degrees on the spraying surface. Once it is cleaned with cloth and water, it has only slight scratches on its surface, but it must not be broken or exposed.

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