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Failure analysis of spray coating

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  Surface oil: coating peeling off, poor adhesion, fisheye or shrinkage
  Surface salt pollution: foaming, penetration foaming
  The surface roughness is too large: the needle tip is corroded, and the coating can not completely cover the rough tip
  Surface moisture: coating peeling off or moisture expansion blistering
  Add the wrong curing agent: the coating does not solidify, can not play the anti-corrosion effect
  The proportion of adding curing agent is not correct: the coating is not cured completely and can not achieve the expected anti-corrosion effect
  Add the wrong diluent: the coating does not solidify or solidify, the coating leveling is poor, sagging, pinhole and other defects
  The spray gun is too close to the surface: sagging,
  Spray gun too far from the surface: dry spray, over spray
  Coating too thick: cracking
  Coating too thin: unable to cover the substrate, needle tip corrosion

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