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What are the damage forms of conveyor belt?

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  During the operation of the conveying equipment, the conveyor belt is subjected to various cutting loads of different properties and sizes, and is in a very complex stress state. There are usually several forms of damage as follows:
  1. Wear of working surface and edge;
  2. Breakdown, tearing and peeling are caused by the impact of the transported goods;
  3. The fatigue of the core is caused by repeated bending stress through Piccolo and idler group;
  4. Under the action of environmental medium, the strength index is reduced and aged.
  Therefore, the cost of conveyor belt accounts for about half of the total cost of conveying equipment. Therefore, it is of great significance to improve the working efficiency of the conveying equipment and reduce the transportation cost by selecting the appropriate conveyor belt, strengthening the maintenance and management in operation and prolonging its service life according to the service conditions of the conveying equipment.

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