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What are the equipment components in the coating production line?

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  The so-called coating refers to the metal and non-metallic surface covered with protective layer or decorative layer. With the development of industrial technology, painting has developed from manual to industrial automation, and the degree of automation is higher and higher, so the application of coating production line is more and more extensive, and goes deep into many fields of national economy. The conveying part is mostly made of stainless steel mesh chain, and the coating equipment is used to transport the mesh chain manufacturers.
  The coating production line is mainly composed of pretreatment electrophoresis line (electrophoretic paint is the first developed waterborne coating, its main characteristics are high efficiency, economic safety, less pollution, and can realize complete automatic management. Pretreatment is required before coating electrophoretic paint), sealing primer line, intermediate coating line, surface coating line, finishing line and its drying system. The workpiece conveying system of the whole line of painting production line adopts the mechanized conveying mode of combination of air suspension and ground skid, which runs stably, quickly and conveniently. PLC controlled programming is adopted. According to the actual requirements of the production process, it is programmed and controlled by field bus center monitoring and automatic partition to realize transfer operation.
  The drying system of the whole line of coating production line is designed according to the design concept and parameters of foreign countries. The high-quality stainless steel mesh chain is adopted for conveying, and the operation is stable. The bridge structure is adopted for the drying channel chamber (except for the sealed bottom coating furnace), which ensures the uniformity and stability of furnace temperature and improves the efficiency of heat energy; the heating device introduces the products of Canada kemico company, and selects the imported combustion After testing, each drying system runs well and stably, and the temperature curve is smooth and continuous.
  The seven components of painting line mainly include: pretreatment equipment, powder spraying system, painting equipment, oven, heat source system, electric control system, suspension conveyor chain, etc.
  Pretreatment equipment
  The principle of multi station washing and chemical spraying is to finish the surface treatment by mechanical washing and spraying. The typical process of spray pretreatment of steel parts is: pre degreasing, degreasing, water washing, surface conditioning, phosphating, water washing, water washing and pure water washing. Shot blasting machine can also be used for pretreatment, which is suitable for steel parts with simple structure, serious corrosion, no oil or less oil. And no water pollution.
  Powder injection system
  The small cyclone + filter element recovery device in powder spraying is an advanced powder recovery device with fast color change. It is suggested that the key parts of the powder spraying system should be imported products, and all parts such as powder spraying room and electric mechanical elevator should be made in China.
  Painting equipment
  Such as oil spray paint room, water curtain spray room, widely used in bicycle, car leaf spring, large loader surface coating.
  Oven drying
  Oven is one of the important equipment in coating production line. Its temperature uniformity is an important index to ensure the coating quality. According to the production program, it can be divided into single chamber and through type, and the equipment forms include straight through type and bridge type. The test results show that the temperature difference in the furnace is less than ± 3oc, which reaches the performance index of similar products in advanced countries.
  Heat source system
  Hot air circulation is a common heating method, which uses convection conduction principle to heat the oven to dry and solidify the workpiece. Heat source can be selected according to the specific situation of users: electricity, steam, gas or fuel oil, etc. The heat source box can be determined according to the condition of the oven: at the top, bottom and side. If the circulating fan for producing heat source is specially designed high temperature resistant fan, it has the advantages of long service life, low energy consumption, low noise and small volume.
  Electronic control system
  The electric control of painting and painting line has centralized and single line control. PLC can be used in centralized control to control the host computer. According to the control program, each process can be automatically controlled, data acquisition and monitoring alarm can be carried out. Single row control is the most commonly used control mode in coating production line. Each process is controlled by single row, and the electric control box (cabinet) is set near the equipment, with low cost, intuitive operation and convenient maintenance.
  Suspended conveyor chain
  The suspension conveyor is the conveying system of industrial assembly line and coating line. The accumulation type suspension conveyor is applied to L = 10-14m storage rack and special-shaped street lamp alloy steel pipe coating line. The workpiece is hoisted on the special hanger (bearing capacity up to 500-600kg), and the switch in and out is smooth. The switch is opened and closed by electrical control according to the work order to meet the automatic transportation of the workpiece in each processing station. The parallel accumulation cooling is carried out in the forced cooling chamber and the workpiece area. The hanger identification and traction alarm shutdown device are set in the strong cooling area.

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